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Often when you search through the various website builder reviews online, you end up getting so confused about which one is the best for you, that you just give up and think “I'll save it later.”

Luckily for you, I'm familiar with about a dozen different platforms, and in this post I'm going to go over some of the more popular, and discuss how they could help you and how they could hinder you. Each one has some great things about it, but which one really works out the best?

Being Usable Is The Key

Most beginners out there just want to be able to create a site easily, and not have to worry too much about the finer points.

“Just let me put the contents on the page and hit publish already!”

For things like personal blogs, there are loads of great options. Blogger is the most popular of these, with following a close second.

The thing about both of those platforms though, is that they don't rank well in search engines. If you want anything other than a personal blog to share with your family and friends via Facebook, Email, and so on; then you're going to want to use a better platform.

Website Builder Reviews – WordPress

Website Builder Reviews

A huge portion of the web is built on WordPress actually, but on the platform. This is a premium version, where you choose your own domain, (which you pay for) and then go about setting up the site. It's a “content management system” that basically allows you to organize pages, posts, menus, comments, images, and so on; without having to worry about html code or other difficult things.

Learning to use WordPress is similar to learning to use Microsoft Word or other software. In fact, they share a lot of similarities.

Any service provider that lets you build websites on WordPress sites (such as this one), is worth considering.

Want two FREE WordPress sites? This is the best place.

There are loads of different places that you can get hold of a WordPress site. I wouldn't actually recommend the free platform, because as I explained above, it doesn't really rank well. I use wealthy affiliate's free Siterubix platform a lot, as it is free, but lets you build fully customizable sites, and gives you an absolute ton of training.

Website Builder Reviews – Wix


I quite like Wix. It lets you create some visually appealing sites, and as a beginner you might struggle to create a site like this at other places. It can be a bit tricky to use though. A friend of mine with 11 years of web building experience put this site together, but found it to be pretty clunky and tricky.

Here's his demo site.

As you can see, it doesn't look bad, but he said putting it together was not as easy as it would have been with WordPress.

Here are some other negatives about Wix.

  1. You do get exposed to quite a few upsells once you are inside
  2. There are only 357 templates (compared with thousands at WordPress)
  3. There are too many Wix promotions build onto their free sites.
  4. The pricing for their premium features isn't that competitive either. Check out this premium service instead.

At the end of the day, choosing the best website builder should come down to which one is easiest to use (among other things), and the ones at Siterubix easily beat the ones at Wix here.

Siterubix is so convenient, they even let you start a site from this very post. Look!

Let's move on.



Weebly is another popular service that offers free sites as well as premium ones. Like Wix, it has a drag and drop feature, but I'd say it is a lot simpler to use.

The sites you can produce at weebly are OK, but some of their templates look pretty dated and it's going to be difficult to get that “WOW” factor that you can get elsewhere.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on Weelby. If you use it, it's not going to do you any harm, but you'd be better off somewhere else.


Ok, I've mentioned it quite a few times already, so here comes the full breakdown.

For me, Siterubix will always be the best option for you, and that's for the following reasons:

  • The websites can get some serious traffic (I had 10,000 visitors a month on one SR site)
  • They are part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which is all about training and community.
  • The prices for upgrading to premium are competitive and have enormous perks.
  • They are built on the WordPress platform, which as I've explained, is easily the best platform.

If you want to check out Siterubix, just enter a site name idea below, and off you go.

 Why Not Buy A Ready Made Site?

If you are looking for a ready made niche website, because you want to get into affiliate marketing or something similar, then check out the sites we have available here at Human Proof Designs.

They aren't suitable for everyone, so no worries if what we sell isn't you thing. We”ll just be happy knowing that we've sent you off to the right place to build your own site.

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2 thoughts on “Website Builder Reviews”

  1. I never really liked weebly. To the untrained eye, it may look like a “great” website, but there are a lot of limitations, and I find that it looks a bit childish, like something I’d create in high school. I haven’t used Wix before, but I can say that I like that Siterubix is using WordPress – it’s what I’ve always used, and will continue to use it.

    1. I’ve heard similar about Wix. They promote heavily on Facebook, which is how I first came across them. I guess the majority of people who use Wix came from there, and through word of mouth. To those who take the time to look around elsewhere, they’ll see that there are far better options for the same pricetag (zero).

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