Autoblog Samurai Review – Don’t Waste Your Time

Finding a really neutral Autoblog Samurai review can prove pretty difficult these days. It's a typical “guru” product with your usual video + special discount landing page. Right off the bat I had some alarm bells ringing, even though I was skeptical after reading the word “Autoblog”.

It's 2013. I'm surprised that anything to do with automation, content scraping, and mass production of things you don't understand still get popularity, but I guess people will always choose the “too good to be true” products.

In 2010 this type of product may well have worked. The idea is simple, you use autoblog samurai to automatically make wordpress or blogger websites, have the SEO done for each site automatically, have the keywords research automatically, and then have content posted to them automatically, so you can earn on autopilot.

It sounds too good to be true, and it is.

The question I like to ask when I see something like this is:

“Tell me one successful person who uses this method, and show me one successful website using it”

Happy hunting.

My Autoblog Samurai Review – Initial Problems

Off the top of my head, after visiting the landing page, reading the pitch, doing some research and generally assessing the product, here are some potential problems that sprang to mind:

  • You shouldn't automate SEO, search engines don't buy anything from you.
  • You shouldn't automate content. Certainly not by just taking it from other sites and “spinning” or “translating” it into a “new” article.
  • You pay out money to just get to use FREE blog sites like Blogger and WordPress? You don't even own the sites.
  • There's no training about how to make sales. Converting visitors to sales can never be “automated”.
  • It only costs $77 – Doesn't sound like real quality to me.

So, I had my skeptical hat on right from the beginning when I started to do some deeper research. I knew that there were going to be a lot of “positive” reviews out there from other marketers hoping to get a share of the commission, but I was surprised that these were the ONLY reviews to be found.

I guess people who actually bought the product didn't learn enough about marketing to get their own reviews noticed.

Also, the owner is well respected in various communities (by other gurus), so I imagine anything he produces has a lot of swing.

Some of those glowing reviews also date back to 2010, when auto blogging would have been a little more capable of succeeding, so that could well explain it.

In 2013 this product is a waste of time. Google made various updates to its algorithm and now it's impossible to get a website ranking in search engines with automated content and SEO.

Heck, SEO should be all about engaging visitors and offering them something new these days. Search engines don't buy anything from you.

People aren't going to buy from you if you offer low-quality, rehashed content.

Learn a much better way of making money online.

Autoblog Samurai – Does The Work For You, But What Work?

Don't Fall For This!
Don't Fall For This!

Essentially the product works by scraping content from other websites in other languages, then using Google Translate to convert it to English.

If you've ever used Google Translate, you can understand why I feel this isn't going to be great quality.

Besides, the content itself is just randomly selected. Who knows how relevant and how well written it is?

There are SOME plusses though. The autoblog creates WordPress blogs for you very easily. You can get a new site up and running in about 10 minutes, which is faster than anything else I've seen.

In theory you could use this feature to mass-produce blogs, but you would then need to find a more effective way of populating them with worthy content and so on.

You wouldn't want to pay $77 just for that feature though.

Autoblog Samurai Review – What's Good And Not Good?

Here's a quick summary of what I liked and didn't like:

The Good

  • Comes with some training on integrating the blog with affiliate programs
  • Doesn't need any technical understanding
  • Sets up blogs very quickly

The Bad

  • Dated method that is very unlikely to succeed now
  • Content is low quality (at best)
  • Automation never works
  • Unlikely to be able to earn much more than pennies (if at all)
  • Not a long term strategy for success

So What's Better?

You need to create websites that are capable of ranking in Google. This means no automated content curation. Either write it yourself (easy to learn) or pay somebody to do it for you (even easier, but needs a budget).

Additionally, you also need some training to follow and a quality website “appearance” behind you. First impressions count for a lot online, you don't want visitors to lose interest before they've  read what you've got to say.

Quality training is vital. When I made my first successful blog and was earning around $500/month with it, I realized how important it was that I had learned to do things the right way.

Obviously, if you are a newcomer, training and technical help is going to be a massive part of your success.

Get the solution here.

By investing a little bit more money. Here is what you could have instead:

  • A gorgeous and well put together website ready for your content.
  • Training manuals and clear instructions showing you how to operate it.
  • A plan to follow to reach the same success I did (and more).
  • Full on support.
  • A real sustainable business plan.

When you buy a site from us here at, that is EXACTLY what you get.

6 thoughts on “Autoblog Samurai Review – Don’t Waste Your Time”

  1. Scams the net is just full of them…if it was easy to get rich online…why are we all not rich….one thing I must say…the scammers do sound convincing if you no nothing about what they are telling you….they steal your trust…and let you down….good post keep them coming….

    1. I think some people are just desperate to believe, so that really helps the scammers push the right buttons and elicit and action out of them. It’s a shame, but what else can you do other than learn to spot them?

      Appreciate your comments.

  2. I would call it “Autoblog Scam-aurai”! I refuse to buy anything with the word “auto” in it. There is nothing automatic about doing business with people on the internet. It’s scary to build your first site, but that’s not even the hardest part. The most important part of making money is building content that people want to read. If you attempt to automate it, no one will want to read your blog, and any sales you make will be flukes, not the result of strategy.

    1. You should be in marketing with word plays like that. Very good points though, the only guarantee with “auto” products is that they will “automatically” tank your site and take your money.

  3. Why would anyone want to use automation software anymore. Unless they are unaware of the changes in SEO and that these don’t work and will get you binned. Get rich quick is a pipe dream you have to work at it plain and simple. However buying a site already started with traffic and ranking is a bonus. With a bit of work you should be able to produce revenue and build from there.

    1. I think there are so many get rich quick scams out there that it keeps the pipe dream alive. There are always new ‘victims’ to be found and always people happy to take their money.

      What you say makes perfect sense, so let’s hope more people will figure it out.

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