5 Figure Day Review: Is It Really That Easy?

5 figure day review

When I decided to do this 5 figure day review, I was pretty skeptical right from the beginning. Hey, this is my job and I see sites like this all the time. The landing page offered no insight into what it is or how it works, and just seemed only interested in advertising its free offer (It's not free really). The thing that got me though, was the tired old heading. Here's how it looks:

500% my current income?  Please let me in! Um. No.
500% my current income? Please let me in! Um. No.
Product Name: 5 Figure Day
Product Owner: “Bryan Winters”
Advertised Price: $1 Trial, $97 per month
Hidden Costs: $97 One Time Fee, $197 for Director of Ezines
Rating: 23/100

What's they're selling:

Promote 5 Figure Day with a pre made website they provide you with.

Basically, they're making money off your desire to make money.

One Sentence Review:

This is a very narrow look at what it means to make money online, and should only be considered if you enjoy promoting “make money” products.

 If you really want to learn about making money online, try this.

What to expect:

The 5 Figure Day members area is very simple. There is very little training, and most of what you will see is the free advertising material they provide you with. This advertising material is of course promoting 5 Figure Day.

Here is a preview of what you can expect to see inside, in order of appearance.

  • Clickbank info
  • Training
  • Lead stats
  • Affiliate links
  • Advertising material
  • Pre-written Emails (advertising)
  • Banner ads
  • Product upsell (Name of product: Director of Ezines)
  • Traffic generation strategies
  • Product cross promotions

Everything is on one page. There are less than 3 hours of training of training videos, and you can see from the image below, that 80% of what's contained in the videos does not actually SHOW you what to do. Most of these videos are spent showing statistics or talking ABOUT 5 Figure Day.

5 figure day training analysis

Only the first and second video spent some time actually explaining how the system works, and even then, video 2 (over 1 hour long) spent a long time speaking about the presenters life story.

So What is 5 Figure Day All About?

The meat of what they are training you to do is to promote their website to other people. You will be promoting it via email, social media and forums. They have lots of advertising material to do this, but in the end, you are paying $97 per month to be allowed to promote their website.

Why only email, social and forums? Oh yes..because the “free sites” they give you are duplicate sites that won't rank in search engines and offer little value.

Do you think it's possible to earn 5 figures a DAY, using these methods?

 The sites that we sell here are designed to make a real income. They aren't “money overnight”, but they do work.

What I Liked:

The idea of automated referrals and income via your own referrals is nice.

What I Didn't Like:

First off, the members area is very confusing. It was unclear what I needed to do first. There was quite a bit of random bits of information that I didn't really need to know before I actually got to the training videos. In fact, the first link on the site was a link to a PDF with a long list of websites. What are these for? They do not explain that until later in one of the videos.

The members area was a jumbled mess of everything. It was one page, and very low quality.

As mentioned above, the training is contained in 9 videos. Unfortunately, the training does not actually train you to do anything. There is a difference between explaining and showing. After watching these training videos, I felt I was left with more questions than answers, and a newbie will definitely need to do a lot of independent research to take action on the advice given within the members area.

The main tactic used in the system is to use something called solo ads. This is basically ‘borrowing' another person's email subscriber list to promote your own product. You pay a fee, and they send an email you designed to their subscribers. Here is an example of the emails you will send.

five figure day solo ad

Do you enjoy receiving emails like this? Nobody does. 90% of these will end up in someone's spam box. Go ahead, Check your spam box now and you may find this exact email sitting there.

5 figure day solo ad 2
Do you want to see this in your inbox? I know I don't.

Huge Issues With Their Training

I was most disappointed to find out that the main presenter (Reed Floren) of their training videos recorded during a period when he had a cold and a ‘nasty cough‘ (his words). Really? You couldn't wait a week to record the videos? This shows an extreme lack of concern for quality. If you are going to charge people to enter your members area, at least make sure your video presenter is in good health for recording.

I have many other things I don't like about their training. Two others are:

1) “Work at home” or “make money” opportunities are already spammed to so many forums, social networks, email lists, and classified ads. We don't need more people doing it.

2) You have to pay a monthly fee to be a member. Why the monthly fee? There is no forum, no live support, and I have a strong feeling that the members area isn't updated frequently. So essentially, you are paying for the opportunity to promote their website.

Remember!: You pay $97 per month so you can promote them. This means you have to make at least $97 worth of referrals each month before you can even break even.

5 Figure Day Review – Final Verdict


What Now?

I outlined a lot of issues with 5 Figure Day. The main thing you need to think about at this point is: Are you comfortable promoting this product? Is this what you want to be the basis of your online income?

There are so many way to make money online. One of the most fun is to build websites based on hobbies or personal interests. You can build a very simple website about something you love and when people start visiting your site, you start making money.

No link posting. No ad buying. No email blasts.

Just you, your website, and a happy visitor.

Nathaniell Brenes is the owner of One More Cup of Coffee. He writes about creating niche websites, affiliate marketing, and online business for beginners.

7 thoughts on “5 Figure Day Review: Is It Really That Easy?”

  1. It looks like all the other shiny objects that the so called “guru’s” are making.
    If you really want to make it online you’ve got to be ready to work hard.
    Thanks for your review Nathaniel.

    1. Yeah it really does. In fact there are plenty of banners and headers on sites that look EXACTLY the same as this one. Same crap, different label.

  2. I wish I could just put a big red thumbs down on my comment. I can’t believe they will make money on this garbage but what can I say. I was newbie once and wasted my money on trash too. Thanks for the heads up so I don’t waste any money.

    1. Yeah, it just shows that marketing and promises are enough to make people suspend beliefs for a little while…or at least until the next shiny object appears.

  3. I have a Yahoo E-mail address I provide whenever I come across offers that seem too good to be true. Blasts to this E-mail from Reed Floren are quite common. Time to hit the unsubscribe button, eh? Great information, guys!

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