Best of Internet Marketing for August 2017

The end of August is here and once again, I'm delighted to share with you the most promising pieces of content from this past month.

As with any industry, we've definitely seen a lull in the summer months as you, ourselves, and our families take advantage of the last few weeks of summer. With September rolling by again, this is crunch time before the year's end.

Let me ask you ONE QUESTION:

What stage are you at with your affiliate site?

If you're not where you want to be, then it's time to buckle down and make these last few months of 2017 the best they can be.

To help inspire you, I've scoured 5 articles that are worth reading. They include everything from the state of affiliate marketing, grabbing the featured snippet position to creating product videos for your site.

If any of these topics struck a chord with you, let us know in the comments. For me, these posts equate to the same effect as a great book… They're super helpful, but only in the right moments.

Ann Smarty @seosmarty

How To Ensure Your Best Chances For a Featured Snippet Position

Why We Chose This.

We featured Ann's work last month for the first time and this time we thought she knocked it out of the park even more. I really enjoyed this article because it showed different tactics for analyzing and finding topics important to your niche. This article breaks down into 2 parts: the research phase and the optimization phase. Both very important.

Maddy Osman @MaddyOsman

The Last SEO Checklist You'll Need

Why We Chose This.

Usually, for these roundup series, we'll choose topics that go super deep into a specific tactic. This one is different and the reason I chose it is because it's very well rounded. Maddy breaks down all the parts you'd want to do in order to make sure you're optimized and it looks fairly similar to our processes as well. Of course, we could go a bit deeper but if you're new to SEO then this is a great article to start with.

Joshua Hardwick @JoshuaCHardwick

How To Manually Submit Your Content To Search Engines

Why We Chose This.

Joshua never lets us down! This time he walks us through a step by step process for submitting our content to Bing and Google. Even though you don't necessarily have to do this, I tend to go ahead and do it if I have a free second. It's good to know where these things are as well so that when the time comes and Google/Bing have chosen not to crawl your post after a few weeks, then you know what to do!

Thomas Smale @FEIntl

Amazon vs Walmart – Who's Better For Affiliates?

Why We Chose This.

This is the first time we've featured anything from Thomas and FE International before. These guys are one of the top brokers for online businesses so you know they've got some good data for us to eat up. One quote I like in particular is, “affiliate marketing revenue would increase by a rate of 10.1 percent between 2015 and 2020 annually, growing into an industry worth an estimated $6.8 billion.” If that doesn't open your eyes up then I don't know what will.

Jon Dykstra

Outsourcing Product Review Videos For Your Niche Site

Why We Chose This.

Jon always shares outside-of-the-box strategies with us. I think many times we're stuck behind our computer instead of going out and experimenting. Here's an idea: go to craigslist (or Kijiji if you're in Canada) or a Facebook garage sale group and purchase a product in your niche and review it using Jon's video strategy. I'd imagine this would be best for the products your ranking “almost” highly for. This could be the bump you need.

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