Case Study Update | Over The Shoulder Case Study [Episode #27]

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An update on my ongoing case study for two websites that I created with Human Proof Designs. My team there put together an Aged Site (6 month old site) and a brand new ready made site.

I thought it was time to share some info to the public so here it is!


Starting with a list of niche site competitors 

  • Natural competitors
  • Sub-niche

Aged Site Preparation 

  • Keyword Research and KGR Articles
  • Look for keyword
  • Social media set up like to the website
  • Ordered press release
  • Blog commenting
  • Press release


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  1. I noticed you mentioned hoth links. Is that thehoth? If so isn’t that grey hat tactics? If not do you recommend using backlinks from thehoth. I have been confused as to of it is recommended on websites you want to keep Google happy in the long-term.

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