Best of Internet Marketing for July 2017

This month, I want to share with you 9 pieces of content that I found very valuable this month. With 4 of them being new-comers as well.

Learn how to:

  • Create a seasonal content strategy
  • Implement rich snippets into your posts
  • Take advantage of Prime Day and the next upcoming holidays
  • Use Amazon for hidden keywords, content development, and more.

As always, there's plenty to absorb in all these articles and we hope this helps in our mission to make you a better online marketer.

Matt Diggity @mattdiggityseo

How Time Tracking Can Help You Understand Your Leverage Points

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

This is an article we linked-to in our productivity for niche sites post. I wanted to highlight it again here since I've been seeing positive effects from implementing it so far. Although much of it is manual, it's great to see the areas helping me make more money and defining the tasks don't.

Here's another video that came across my way from Matt. It's an SEO mastermind with Matt, Charles Floate, Diggy Dirk, and a few others. Very interesting and informative to say the least.

Charles Ngo @Dr_Ngo

Applying Sales Psychology Online

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

Building a sales page that speaks to exactly the pains and needs of your customer is difficult. That's the reason why we've been collecting advice from our subscribers about what they want to see next. This article from Charles Ngo is a great reflection of what's been working for us and a few things we need to brush up on here at HPD. Enjoy the article and put it into action, regardless of your business model.

Joshua Hardwick @JoshuaCHardwick

The Best Marketing Articles of All Time

Why We Chose This.

This is an epic collection that Ahrefs put together for the best marketing articles of all time. I think they're trying to “one-up” us lol! Regardless, there were a few classics in there that I revisited once again and if you're a bit newer the online marketing space, here's a good place to start absorbing top posts from the past.

Nate Shivar @nshivar

Using Amazon For Content Inspiration, Hidden Keywords, and More

Why We Chose This.

We've already mentioned several times about using Amasuite to grab valuable information from Amazon for our niche sites. Such as creating pros and cons lists, finding keywords, and grabbing products quickly for roundups.

This article from Nate takes on a different aspect of using Amazon for SEO and content purposes. It's the same methodology that we've applied in the past, except he gets a lot more technical. If you're a fan of outside-the-box thinking, this is the article for you.

Matthew Woodward @MattWoodwardUK

A Free App For Utilizing Google Search Console Data

Why We Chose This.

This is a quick tutorial on utilizing your Google Search Console data to make better decisions. It goes hand-in-hand with the evolving SEO strategy that Bryon talked about in his latest podcast. It's all about rolling with the punches with your SEO strategy and pivoting to what's working for you while you constantly improve your site.

Aqib Nazir @NazirAqib

Earning $1000 In Commission For Amazon Prime Day

Why We Chose This.

This is the first time we've featured Aqib on our blog before and this is a great post to introduce him. Aqib's strategy is very similar to the tips we wrote about on Prime Day this year, but most of his promotions were through social media. It pays to be part of Facebook groups in your niche and to constantly give back all year – so when the time comes for you “ask” then you'll get it without being booted from the community.

Rand Fishkin @randfish

The Ranking Factor of Search Task Accomplishment

Why We Chose This.

Amazingly, Rand is also a newcomer to our best of internet marketing series. We review content from Moz all the time but this specific whiteboard Friday was something that hit it home with me. The “Wizard of Moz” explains the significance of ‘searcher task accomplishment' and it's what he and his team believe is becoming a more important ranking factor each day. The most interesting part of the conversation is his comparison of how CRO and SEO work together but also differ in their tactics.

Frantisek Vrab @FrantisekVrab

How To Get Rich Snippets For Your Blog Posts

Why We Chose This.

Oh, rich snippets. Why do you have to be so complicated? One of the best things your site can do is take advantage of structured data to get star ratings next to your reviews. This increases click-throughs and ultimately gives the searcher some added expectations before arriving at your post. The only thing is that having Google understand your data is somewhat complicated, especially if you're not a developer – however, this is article helps lay out the steps in layman's terms as best as they could.

Ann Smarty @seosmarty

Developing a Seasonal Content Strategy

Why We Chose This.

This is the first article I've come across with Ann. It's an interesting and almost “how it should be” way of approaching content strategy. Especially for bigger corporate organizations. What can be applied with big organizations can certainly be applied for your niche site as well. With Black Friday coming up, we should be structuring our content around these types of holidays. Not just for SEO purposes.

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