Best of Internet Marketing for June 2017

We have 12 pieces of content to share with you this month. It's the largest collection we've come up with so far.

I was really impressed with the following:

  • Tools for analyzing which Google penalty you've been hit by
  • A truly ultimate guide on guest posting
  • Understanding Google's crawl budget
  • Getting 76,000 emails in one week
  • And more…

It takes us quite a bit of time to curate these so please leave a comment if you enjoyed one over the other. We want to truly make HPD the best resource for internet marketing.

Jon Dykstra @Fatstacksblog

Creating Product Galleries with Specific Manufacturer Keywords

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

This is an interesting idea from Jon this month. Adding in the concept of the golden keyword ratio with Jons personal style of building niche sites is a new school take on an old school lesson. Tons of big companies already create product galleries, but Jons saying to go after the lower hanging fruit.

Anna Vital @annavitals

How One LinkedIn Opt-In Grabbed 76,000 Subscribers in 1 Month

Jon Dykstra

Why We Chose This.

As niche site builders, we aren't likely going to be utilizing LinkedIn as a traffic source much. However, the lessons that Anna shares are fairly applicable to any social platform. Instead of using the opt-in she had (a beautiful powerpoint template), you can do it for something else in your niche and for your own network. This is probably my favorite find for this month.

Neil Patel @NeilPatel

Understanding Google's Core: The Crawl Budget

Why We Chose This.

This is a concept you should understand as we're all trying to play nice with Google. It's the technical side of SEO that's overlooked because the essence of what we're working with is a bot that runs on 1's and 0's. It has set rules for crawling around the web and this article should help you understand how and why it would crawl your site more. It's very similar to how Dom talks about getting more Google love when your site starts ranking. It just becomes easier to throw your weight around because Google trusts you.

Neil always puts out so much content each month that we usually have a few to choose from, this article on reverse image search should probably spark some ideas as well. Especially around finding competing infographics.

Richard Patey @RichardPatey

Niche Site Case Studies Everywhere

Why We Chose This.

Richard does an excellent job rounding up all the big case studies in our industry. Not just current ones but standouts from the past too.

Starting all the way back from Pat Flynn's Niche Site Duel to Dom's 0-$10K Case Study. A lot of the lessons from old case studies are still applicable to the current day.

Bryon Brewer, @Human_Proof

Earning More Income with the Same Amount of Traffic

Why We Chose This.

Bryon gives a guest post on the Empire Flippers blog on increasing your earnings through some solid conversion rate optimization tactics. It's a great lesson on being more productive and leveraging your time to concentrate on the pages that are most important first. Then moving forward with that plan for the next group of important pages. “Little hinges can swing big doors” as Bryon would say.

Perrin Carrell @authorityhackr

A Real Test of Link Building Services

Why We Chose This.

I almost didn't include this one just because the tone was quite aggressive and doesn't always match our own beliefs here at HPD. However, I definitely respect Perrins truthfulness in this review so it's worth the read. Especially when we ourselves aren't fearful of buying links, they have to be from the right source of course.

Buying links from different providers also makes your site look less shady from a footprint perspective. It's not likely that any two providers are using the same hosting credentials.

Karen Foo @tsueyer

A Look Into the Sale of HerePup and It's Future Going Forward

Why We Chose This.

HerePup was sold last year and Perrin now retains a small percentage of the business going forward. The same investors that bought Long Tail Pro are now building a new case study with this one. Their plans for intensive outreach are impressive but the results aren't so much. This might be a lesson on personalizing your outreach a bit more and to not dilute your outreach too quickly.

Kyle Holgate

Utilizing Direct Ad Placements from Manufacturers for Your Site

Why We Chose This.

Ad placements are a very old form of advertising and you can see it happening everyone on billboards in your city. The concept is to basically sell a direct banner or sidebar widget to a manufacturer or even an e-commerce store in your niche. You need plenty of traffic for this, but it's not uncommon for larger manufacturers to deal with this type of marketing. I originally found Kyle's guest post on Niche Pursuits so this is the original post linked at the top.

Matthew Woodward @MattWoodwardUK

Which Google Penalty Have You Been Hit By?

Why We Chose This.

This is a really unique article and I particularly like the tools that Matt has offered to share. It's great insight into the way you should work reverse engineer the issue. I've noticed a lot of changes recently for rankings for my own sites so it's interesting to see how this is likely applicable for a few of us right now. Don't try adjusting things blindly without diagnosing the problem first and just going on a hunch. Be more certain of the real issue.

Ryan Biddulph @RyanBiddulph

Get Smarter With Your Blog Comments

Why We Chose This.

I normally don't put ‘rantier' pieces on this collection, however, you can tell that Ryan is fed up with poor outreach through comments. He's not satisfied with the half-assed commenting and wants some to challenge people to be smarter with this. 

Dmitry Dragilev @dragilev

The Best Guide on Guest Blogging I've Seen Yet

Why We Chose This.

This is my first time reading some work from Dmitry, but I know I'll be coming back to his site for more. At this point, you probably know the concept of guest blogging but maybe you haven't put it into action yet because you are uncertain of doing it the right way. Well this guide really does cover all perspectives on this style of link building and I'd highly recommend you check it out.

Robbie Richards @RobbieRichMktg

Replicate Your Competitors Backlink Strategy

Why We Chose This.

This is an extensively deep approach to backlink analysis. It's thorough and although I've seen many of these tactics myself – Robbie gives tons of templates he's created to help you follow along. I especially like his last point on using mention reports.

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