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If you really do want to buy an online business, then you've got a couple of decisions to make before we can go much further. Do you want an established business that is making steady money? Do you want a “promise” of guaranteed income from a business that has not been tried yet? Or, do you want a third option.

A business that has been designed, created, and is ready to go, but just needs someone to take over the realms?

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How Much Can You Spend To Buy An Online Business?

Option one is going to be the most popular, but bear in mind it can be very costly. If you want a business that is earning $1,000 a month, it's going to cost you at least $10,000 to buy it, probably a lot more than that.

Remember, if someone has created a steady income with their online business and isn't able to run it any more, or wants to raise money for a project, they are going to want at least a years' worth of income or it just wouldn't be worthwhile selling it.

Don't Take The Second Option

The internet is riddled with scams, fake products and products that have massive promise but just don't deliver. Option two is what people who don't have a lot of money end up buying over and over again. They are all often lies.

“Spend $229 and earn over $1800 a month!” – Big Lies

If something is really guaranteed to earn you money, then it is guaranteed to cost you a lot of money too (see option one).

Why would something only cost $229 if it was worth that much? Besides, there are never any guarantees in business. You can't claim that a certain method will work until it's been proven.

Take The Third Option – Buy An Online Business For A Great Price

There IS another option. Buying a business “plan”. More than just a plan though. Buy yourself a business that has been:

  • Researched.
  • Designed.
  • Created/Started.
  • Mapped Out.
  • Given clear instructions to progress.

This is basically a ship that is ready to sail, but just needs somebody to take the reigns. As you will be doing all the work from here on out, it should only cost you a nominal fee, a couple of hundred dollars at most.

It would be up to you to create content for the business, follow the plan to make sure that it grows and develops, and then starts earning money. Essentially you'd be saying to someone

“Thanks for building this shop for me, now I'll fill the shelves and do business according to your manuals.”

Can You Give Me An Example?

I sure can. Here at Human Proof Designs, this is EXACTLY the type of affiliate marketing business we sell.

buy an online business
Here's an example of one of our sites

Ready-made niche websites.

We research and choose the site topics for you –> We design and build the websites –> We create a niche breakdown for you to understand –> We put the sites online for you to view in “template form” –> We install the sites for you after you've bought them –> We include manuals, support training, and a clear path to success for you to follow –> We hand over the keys.

What this gives you is the ability to start a business yourself from scratch, without having to learn about web design, marketing strategies, or online business.

You don't even have to choose your topic. Just pick one from our list!

The most beginner friendly and cost-effective online business available.

How Much Do These Cost?

Right now, as we are newly opened and eager to share our products with the world, we are giving the sites away for a 25% discount.

Get yours today for just $150!

If you look around the web, you'll find nothing close to this.

The sites in a nutshell:

  • Professionally researched
  • Designed and made by hand
  • Come with $100+ worth of extras
  • Clear instructions and beginner-friendly
  • Weeks of time saved.

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