How To Start A Health Blog

how to start a health blog

So you want to know how to start a health blog. I imagine you don't know anything about building websites or setting up a blog. No problem! I'm going to cover that here.

Starting a website and an online business is a great move.

You probably also want to know how to get people to read it and possibly how to make money from that blog down the road. No problem! I'm also going to cover that as well.

There's not really a lot to go over. You only really have a few options these days (that is a good thing!) and a few simple strategies for getting your blog to grow.

Let's get started!

How To Start A Health Blog – Step One: Get Yourself A Site

This is actually where most people sell themselves short. The first step that 90% of people take is to sign up to somewhere like Blogger or WordPress and get a free site.

It's fine to start off with a free site, especially if you just want to get your feet wet. The problem is, these blogs are very limited (Not a lot of room for customization) and don't come with a great amount of guidance.

How can you get your feet wet if you don't know what you're doing, and aren't really getting a taste of what a “real” website is like?

Do you ride a shopping cart to “get your feet wet” with driving a car? Exactly.

If you really want to try a free blog out first, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get yourself a free site in 30 seconds, and it will be a fully functioning website. What's more, it comes with training.

However, a much better option would be to check out the websites we have for sale here. Yes, they aren't free, but getting a professionally made website for an incredibly low price is basically free anyway. You actually save money and time because we've done the hard work for you.

That leads onto the next step..

Step Two: Building A Site

Now, a blog doesn't have to be incredibly complex, but you want to have a basic structure to it. Some pages such as “home”, “about me” and so on.

You want your readers to be able to click around easily and explore what you've got on offer. Take this site as an example, it's a well-laid out health site with different categories and sections, making it easy to use.

Learning things like this can be a bit tricky and might take you a few months to get perfect (which is why you can just save time and try our sites), but once you do get it perfect, you should be ready to go. Actually, you can improve it  as you go along.

Step Three: Content

What exactly about health are you going to write about? If you want people to find your site, it's best to narrow it down and stick to a specific subject.

“Health” is too competitive and too broad. Choose something else like “Health for women over fifty” or “Losing weight with nutrition” and so on.

Human Proof Design sites are all designed along these lines. We find niches that are great to write about but do not have a large amount of competition, then we build sites around those topics, get them looking professional and ready to go, then hand them over to our clients.

All the clients need to do then is write!

Step Four: Write Your Content

Find yourself some topics, do some keyword research, and write!

Consistent writing is the easiest way to get Google to love your site and display it well in the search engines. Get yourself a site set up, then draw up a plan of action, and act it out.

Make sure your plan will allow you to consistently write. Don't just write here and there.

As I've explained in my manuals, the most important thing is high-quality, consistently updated content.

Making Money From A Site

This is not easily done and takes a bit of work, but it is simple to understand.

Once your site is well respected and gets lots of visitors (maybe a few hundred a month or more), you will be able to start recommending products and/or services. Many of these products will offer commissions for referrals (place like have a partner program too), so once you find people will make purchases based on your reviews, you are going to find the money starts to come!

Another option is to put some Google Ads or other adverts on your site.

To learn more about monetizing a website, either check out Wealthy Affiliate training, or buy one of our sites and read the expertly written manuals that come with them.

Taking The Next Step: Recommendations

If you are serious, then you really have two options. I'll show my recommendations for each.

1.) Buy a site.

Buy one of ours, they are top quality and low priced. You won't be disappointed.

2.) Build your own.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go. They'll teach you how to build a site for free, and get you moving forwards in no time.

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