It’s A New Dawn For Pre-Made Sites – Introducing HPD 2.0

It gives me immense pleasure today to introduce to you all the first of many new-edition sites.

Calling them HumanProofDesigns 2.0 might come across as a little salesy, but it's also incredibly appropriate. These new sites represent a whole new method and style. They're a vast improvement on the previous versions.

I've spent the last year or so tweaking, improving, failing to improve, and generally evolving these sites. I've done a lot of listening and debating. The final form of how I'll make sites from here on was influenced by many other niche site builders, such as Hayden Miyamoto, Spencer Haws, Tung Tran and Jon Haver, among others.

Mostly though it's been influenced by you guys. Through emails, custom site requests, and research I've come to get a pretty good grasp on how you want your sites to be, and how you need them to be from a success perspective.

I'm sure one day I'll roll out an even greater update, but for the foreseeable future the methods I use for these sites are nailed on.

I will also be rolling out additional aspects of the service as well, more on them below.

I'm sure you're all curious to see what I've got in store, so let's not waste any more time.

Here's what the sites will be from now on.

HPD 2.0 – Premade niche websites just got easier.

Every site will come loaded with over 8,000 words of unique content. It's not spun, it's not trash, and it's custom written for this site by writers I've spent months selecting and getting familiar with.

These 8,000 words will be spread among eight 1,000 word articles.

The niches have all been researched and confirmed to be profitable and worthwhile.

These articles have all been written to keywords found using Long Tail Pro, and at least three of the keywords will have the following criteria:

·1,500 minimum monthly searches (sometimes much higher)

·Weak page one competition (see here for more info)

·Not dominated by eCommerce sites

·Worth ranking for (you can profit from these keywords).

The Keyword Difference

My previous niches were researched using Jaaxy and checking the quantity of competition. I've come to realize that it's much more important to focus on the QUALITY of your competition. I've pretty much reversed how I do my research, and you're all going to benefit massively from this.

This is a year of extra experience on my behalf that's gone into changing my methods.

It takes me quite a while to conduct all this research, but without it there'd be little value in the sites. Everything starts with keyword research, and doing it wrong is why most internet marketers fail.

The first thing I look for is a “main keyword”. This will be used for one of the pages that's been written on the site. The idea will be to focus on ranking that page (and a few of the secondary pages) in Google, and go from there.

When I've found a suitable keyword, I'll search for several others, as you can never guarantee that any one keyword will give you success. Once I've found 8, I'll commission writers to write the content, I'll reject some of the content and have it re-written (it happens sometimes), and then I'll set about building the site.

Your Success With These Sites

These aren't simple “Set and Forget” sites that you can buy and will earn you a passive income. They are absolutely something you can turn into passive income later though.

The days of building and ranking a 10 page website in Google are pretty much gone. However, these sites I sell will give you the best head-start possible. If you don't know how to build a good site by yourself, or you don't want to wait a few weeks to see some results, then you'll do very well with an HPD site.

You WILL need to build the site out and work towards getting it ranked, which is where my training comes in.

What Else Is Included

It's not just about the content though. Here's what else comes with the sites:

Premium Theme

I still recommend WPZoom. A lot of people are caught up in the “Thesis vs Genesis” debate, and there's nothing wrong with either. I happen to love WPZoom for their support, their dedication to producing excellent themes, and their variety. I also find them more user friendly out-of-the-box than Genesis or Thesis.

I'll choose and install a WPZoom theme on the site. This is going to do wonders for SEO and crawl-ability. If you knew how many unsupported or badly coded themes there were out there, you'd pay for premium every single time (not that you need to pay, because I include them free).

On-Site SEO

I don't just put the articles up, add a pretty image and then hand the site over. No! I do a lot more than that. Every page on the site is linked to 2-3 other pages (internal linking) and 2-3 other websites (not your direct competitors). This is massive.

On-site SEO has a lot more weight in search engine rankings now, and this means that even while you're going through the training and getting to grips with your niche, your site is slowly crawling up the rankings on its own. You'll literally save weeks and weeks in terms of the research I've done and the head start I've given you.

Premium Images

Ever bought a ready made site and it's turned out the content is spun and the images are stolen from random websites? You won't get that with HPD. I've got a Fotolia subscription and it's at your disposal! Every article comes with a royalty-free image that I'm licensed to include on the site for you.

First impressions matter!

A Niche Report

I “tease” the niche report a little on each site's sales page. I show you enough for you to know that it will be profitable, but that's it. For the person who actually buys the site though, I'll give the full report. Keyword data, suggested affiliate programs, what pages to promote what products, and so on.

A Plan For Moving Forwards

I've got ample free training on this site, most notably my niche websites guide and my mentorship with Genevieve. On top of that, I'll include a step by step “What you should do next” guide with the site.

In many cases I'll tailor this for the specific site, where a slightly different tactic is necessary.

Free Site Transfer

Whether you have your own hosting or you need to get some, I'll help you set everything up and transfer the site onto your hosting, then transfer the domain name to you. Give me a day or so and it's all yours. Marvelous.

What Else Is Going To Be Included Later

I haven't rolled everything out yet, no time! I also prefer doing a soft-launch. Today's launch will only include five sites, with 5 more coming over the next few weeks.

In addition to continually releasing new sites, here's what else previous and future buyers can look forward to:


I have no real time estimate for when I'll be launching these, it depends on how everything goes. As I imagine it, I'll be doing weekly or monthly webinars with my site buyers, with a specific theme each time. There will be a Q+A session at the end as well.

For those who can't make it, they'll be recorded.

I think this will be pretty good fun and immensely useful, although I'm secretly pretty nervous about it! Aaah..the pressure!


This will probably be released before the webinars, as it's already being worked on with one of my partners. This will NOT be the Facebook group that I launched at the start of the year (that pretty much failed), but a full blown community with training and forums.

It's still very early so I'm not going to talk about it fully yet, but let's just say I will have a place for everyone to come together in a very focused manner.

There are likely to be other things that I release as time goes by, but right now they are just passing ideas in my head or not fully realized yet, so there's no point talking about them yet. Let's move on.


My previous rate was $97 and that was too low. It's hard to produce good quality sites for that price and still make a profit. I just about did it, but I nearly died in the process 🙂

Given the additional time I'm spending on each site researching, ordering (and paying for) content, performing SEO and site design, I felt the price should definitely go up.

However, I wanted to make sure that in order to put the price up, I really over-delivered on the value. This is why I'm including so much more with the sites (and offering free transfers).

The price will go up to $349 per site.

However, as we're celebrating a launch and lot's of people joined a competition, I'm going to be selling the first batch for $299.

Also, everyone who entered the competition can have their first one for $299 regardless of which batch it belongs to.

This is already excellent value, and I know that when I roll out the webinars and community, the value will increase even more.

A note on price increases: Many people believe that it's a lot easier (and therefore better) to reduce prices than it is increase them. I disagree. Reducing prices IS easier, but it also lowers value. I think it's also unfair on those who paid the higher prices.

Can you imagine if I was charging $349 in the past then announced I'd be doing it for $97? You'd be pretty annoyed if you'd paid $349.

That's not the main reason I disagree though.

I always hold the belief that it's perfectly fine to increase prices as long as you are increasing value at the same time. In fact, I try to increase value by twice the amount I increase pricing. This makes everyone a winner. Especially people who bought in the past at lower prices.

It also means that I'm continually motivated to keep adding value, because the more value I add, the more profit I can make down the line. As I said, everyone is a winner.

You can visit the gallery here to see the first five sites and make a purchase if you wish. Additionally, if you're visiting at a time when the sites are sold out, you can subscribe to this special “early-bird” list and be notified as soon as more sites go on sale (or even a little earlier).

It's Competition Time

I bet you almost forgot! I promised a free site to one lucky winner, and I had a pretty positive response in terms of entry. I've done a prize draw and even recorded it as a video for you.

Wait…What About Custom Sites?

I've had a mixed bag with my custom site requests. Some people are willing to put 100% faith into my decisions and let me build out the site how I see fit. Others would prefer to be included in every step. Both options are fine, but I'm finding that a certain type of request is taking up most of my time and draining my resources.

I never set out to be a web designer, I'm not good enough for that. I just want to build niche websites for people, because that IS something I can do.

Therefore I've decided to introduce tighter rules for custom requests and am narrowing the scope of my service.

From now on a custom site request is essentially going to be where you specify the niche you want, and leave it with me. I'll run a few things by you, and let you know how the progress is going, but other than that most decisions will fall to me.

I've had plenty of customers asking for very specific requests that aren't all that realistic or necessary, and I totally get that. You want the site to be how you imagined it. The problem is that when starting out, you don't need to worry about minor perfections and details.

You've just got to get the site built to a good level (what I excel in), and move forward from there. Later on you can worry about tweaking the width of your sidebar.

I will allow you to make a few changes and requests, but when it comes to custom coding and overhauling a theme or design, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere, because I'm not a personal coder, I'm a niche site builder.

You have to have faith that I know what I'm doing.

Trust me, you'll get your site a lot faster this way and you'll be moving forwards to niche site success in no time. Let's get to it!

To request or inquire about a custom site, this is the place to do it.


I'd like to finish off today by saying a massive, massive thankyou to everybody who's ever visited my site, left me a comment, reached out to me via email, spammed my contact form (cheeky buggers), and of course, used my services. I love you all.

Except the contact form spammers. You guys need to consider a change of tact. Maybe buy one of my sites.

Before this post reaches 2,000 words, I'm going to leave it here, hit the publish button, and pray that you guys love my new sites as much as I do.

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