Why The Feedback Loop Kills Entrepreneurial Dreams [Episode #18]

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What is the feedback loop? This episode talks about why having to wait and see results is the biggest frustrations for affiliate marketers. It's a major reason why most give up right before the corner turns.

Learn how to overcome this issue here!


Alex Becker – http://alexbecker.org/

Flippa – https://flippa.com/
Our Review- https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/junk-websites-and-scams-a-flippa-com-review/

Justin Cooke @ Empire Flippers – https://empireflippers.com/

Tung Tran @ Cloud Living – http://www.cloudliving.com/

Spencer Haws @ Niche Pursuits – http://www.nichepursuits.com/

Doug Cunnington @ Niche Site Project – http://nichesiteproject.com/humanproof/

Entrepreneur.com – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244808

Human Proof Design's 0-$25K Case Study – https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/niche-site-journey/

Niche Hacks Case Study of Dom – http://nichehacks.com/amazon-income-traffic-case-study/

What is the Feedback Loop?

The length of time that it takes for you to find out if you’ve done something right or wrong.

A classic example of the feedback loop is running an on-page SEO test and not knowing the results for weeks, possibly months. No one controls Google, we just have best practices.


Read as many case studies as you can

Read as many blog posts as you can on SEO

Follow training courses

Listen to podcasts

And put it into action!


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