HPD Podcast Ep022: How Your Sites SEO Will Evolve Over Time

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Andrew Hansen Article - http://andrewhansen.name/seo/roi-growth-evolving-seo-strategy/

Best of Internet Marketing with Andrew's Post - ​https://www.humanproofdesigns.com/best-of-im-may-2017/

Human Proof Design SEMrush 14 Day Trial - https://humanproofdesigns.com/go/semrush (a credit card is required, but the product is worth trying out. We've used it for a long time)

Ahrefs - https://ahrefs.com/


Building and getting started

Scale your site

Reverse engineering your competitors

Rinse and repeat


"If you link to the homepage or any page on your site, the host site benefits" - Dom

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"Just sending links to the homepage isn’t always gonna get the kind of result that you want" - Dom

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