Increasing Affiliate Commissions with Facebook Ads | Feat. Monica Louie [Episode #50]

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Today we'll be diving into Facebook ads and how they can play a vital part in driving traffic to your monetized blog posts. The question is how can we do that properly with the best ROI?

Listen in & find out!


  • Monica’s Background
  • Selling Monica's Finance Site
  • Driving FB ads to monetized blog posts (the methodology behind it.)
  • Average commission values that make ad spend worth the investment
  • Tracking return on ad spend as an affiliate
  • Different ads strategy that worked the best and did not
  • Running FB ads when you just start out
  • Mentors
  • Favourite books


Free Facebook Ads Starter Kit –

Monica Louie –

Pat Flynn @ Smart Passive Income –

Kyle Taylor @ Penny Hoarder –

Stock Photo –

Unsplash –

Deposit Photos –

Building a Story Brand Book by Donald Miller –

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran –


2 thoughts on “Increasing Affiliate Commissions with Facebook Ads | Feat. Monica Louie [Episode #50]”

  1. Very great information, Monica is the second person I noticed using blog ads with facebook ads. promote articles through facebook ads as well. Great informative podcast.

    1. Hey Marcus, I definitely noticed them too but I think AudienceOps doesn’t focus on the monetized blog posts as much.

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