High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions from Education Products w/ Praveen of PMbyPM.com [Episode 68]

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Praveen is a world renown project management expert and most of that comes from his blogging authority.

Today we'll learn Praveen's strategies for converting high-ticket education products as an affiliate marketer, his social media strategies, and more.

There's plenty to learn today, so tune in!


  • Praveen’s Background
  • How Praveen started his business
  • Social media strategy
  • CRO Tips
  • On-Page SEO Tips
  • Affiliate commissions vs services
  • Backlinks and what his team does



"If you are in a highly competitive space, backlinks are a must!" - Praveen

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"The structure of your site will be helpful for topical relevancy" - Praveen

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  1. Affiliate services so thank you

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