Ultimate Tiny Mce Pro

If you haven't yet heard of the Ultimate Tiny MCE Pro plugin, let me tell you something:

Ultimate Tiny MCE Pro is an incredible plugin.

Some people call it the “Swiss-army knife of content creation”. They would not be far off with that explanation. Let me go into some details here.

When you are editing your pages or posts in WordPress, you have a pretty basic Visual Editor. You can make things bold or italic. You can put some bullet points in and change the alignment of the text etc.

Basically, you can do a few things, but you can't exactly make everything look AMAZING like you can do with ultimate TinyMCE (I did that colored text and font size increase with this plugin).

Utmce lets you add over 40 new buttons to your visual editor. Check out these handy “Before” and “After” photos:

Standard Visual Editor WITHOUT Ultimate TinyMCE

without utmce

Visual Editor WITH Utmce


Quite a significant difference 

How To Use This Plugin

There are quite a few features to this plugin. Some people use it for months without even realizing the features they have at their fingertips.

For most people, the 40+ buttons that are added to the visual editor (see the above pic) are enough to keep them busy. I've created a training that will teach you how to use the best of those buttons here.

Get Trained Up!

N.B. The training was initially for the “free” version of the plugin, but using the buttons is exactly the same technique which version you use. The training starts on page 4 because page 1-3 are irrelevant for you.

I'll go into more details about the other Pro features below.

Differences Between The Free and Pro Versions.

The free version of the plugin is available via the WordPress plugin search. Just type in ultimate tinyMCE. I would 100% recommend you get the pro version instead though. The free version is no longer “supported” by the developer and can be a bit awkward to use.

Let's go back to the pro version. Setting it up is done below.

Drag & Drop Feature

When you are choosing which buttons you want to add to your visual editor, (You don't need to add all 40+ of them if you don't want to) it can be a bit confusing. It's best if you follow the training I linked to above (here it is again) and decide which buttons you want to use first.

The drag and drop function lets you edit your visual dashboard by simply dragging and dropping the buttons into place, like so.

button options pro


When you feel you are ready, you can also create your own widgets using UTMCE Widgets.

You should already know about widgets, but if you don't follow this training.

Ever wanted to create your own ones? Now you can. Your sidebar can become incredible. Want to stick an image that can be clicked in different places for different links into your sidebar? Create an image map using UTMCE and then make it a widget.

Learn more about UTMCE widgets here.

Any questions? Post them below.

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