Why Lynda.com Is Worth Every Penny

When I first joined Lynda.com it was on the free trial. I wanted to take a basic course in Photoshop and the idea of learning as much as I could over 6-7 days for free before unsubscribing obviously appealed to me.

The funny thing was that I was setting myself reminder alarms on my phone to make sure I unsubscribed in time to avoid getting charged.

Now, I fully feel that a Lynda subscription is well worth it, and there's no end to the value you can get from it.

So what changed?

Nothing really. Just my attitude.

Most beginner web builders want to do it on a budget. They want to avoid paying as many fees as they can, which is why so many people choose to “borrow” images from Google Image, rather than pay a few dollars from places like Fotolia.

The same sort of mentality gets carried over to education. I'm sure, like me, you've spent ages trawling the search results to find decent tutorials for things without having to pay money.

Often, you think you've found a good one, only to have a catch at the end; you need to pay to get the rest of this training etc.

I can understand this mentality well. You want to EARN money, not spend.

Now, if you're like me, you probably spent so much time trying to figure things out for yourself (often unsuccessfully) that the “money” you saved translated as many hours wasted.

I realized recently that there are several things I avoid when it comes to my website, because I don't have the skills to just get on with doing it.

Things like:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Advanced Photoshop
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Lists

While I am working on a campaign or new post, I'll think to myself:

“Myself and my readers would really benefit from having some awesome infographic here, and maybe some tweaks to colors would benefit even more.”

But I won't know how to do that, so I'll just not bother.

The amount of times I have avoided doing something because I don't know how, and I am too lazy to spend hours searching for free a solution is crazy.

How silly I've been!

Lynda.com has top quality video tutorials on SO MANY topics.

Everything that you need to know to take your website to the next level can be learned there.

Yes, definitely, absolutely, 100 percent, go and sign-up for the free 7 day trial now.

But when that runs out, you might just want to stay signed up, because for $25 per month, there is so much value that the price is basically free.

Honestly. You will save HOURS every week by having a Lynda subscription, and if you are anything other than a beginner marketer, those hours will translate to money earned.

I've written a Lynda review before, so if you want to learn more, head there and check it out now.

For those of you ready to get learning, the free trial is here.

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