Autoresponder Madness Review – Email Marketing On Steroids

When I first got my hands on Autoresponder Madness I was pretty excited. I mean, I was ready to take my business to the next level, and I'd seen and heard so many good things about this program. I'd heard that for anyone serious about list-building and email marketing, this was THE product to get. Considering it has a $300 price-tag, I was ready to believe that too!

Over the course of this autoresponder madness review, I'll teach you exactly why the price is too low, and the value over delivers time and time again.

In short, ARM was worth every penny. I earned money right from my first email campaign (a mini 3-email series to a list of 110 people), which was the first time I'd ever made money from email. Since then, I've gone on to earn thousands of dollars via email marketing, with my record being $2,500 in 45 minutes from a single email.

What struck me the most though, was not how much I learned about emails, Aweber, and “the money is in the list” type stuff, but in addition to all that, how much I learned about marketing and online business in general.

Andre Chaperon gets it.

Andre understands the bigger picture of email marketing. He is a huge fan and proponent of what's known as The Strategy of Preeminence. The basic ideology that you must, must, must practice teaching and helping people thoroughly, well before you try to get paid by them.

Internet Marketing legend Ryan Deiss called Andre “One of the definitive leaders in autoresponder marketing”.

There are others out there who say you should hammer an email list until people either buy something or unsubscribe from it. Hey, if that works for you then great. I tried it once and got way more unsubscribes than sales.

What Andre gets you to think is that you should be just providing such natural and useful help to your subscribers, that selling occurs naturally. They'll almost ASK you to recommend something to them to buy.

autoresponder madness storytelling

It's nothing new to be told “focus on helping people, and sales will come naturally”, but the things I learned in Autoresponder Madness 3.0 (the latest version), coupled with the methods Andre illustrates for delivering this help, really blew me away.

My general marketing skills have improved massively as a result, but more importantly, I look at everything from a completely different angle. I really understand how to understand my subscribers, what they want, what they need, what they feel.

See what I'm talking about here.

AutoResponder Madness Review – Not For The Lazy

Andre's methods and explanations are great, and you might be able to recycle some of the examples he uses and make money off them without much work, but if you really want to start making a killing, you're going to need to put effort in.

Like I said, I was blown away by how much I learned, but also how much work I was putting into my research afterwards. We all know research is important, but without seeing the bigger picture and knowing what exactly we are looking for, it's difficult to find the motivation.

Give Me An Example

Autoresponder Madness essentially pioneered a strategy known as Soap Opera Sequences.


You must be pretty familiar with a Soap Opera by now. I'm sure you're also aware that one thing they love to include is the cliffhanger ended. “To be continued…” and so on.

This is essentially what Andre uses to get his results. Over the course of a 5 or 6 email sequence, Andre will build suspense, keep users opening emails, provide them excellent information every step of the way, and by the 4th or 5th email, will be able to effortlessly drop a promotion into the email that seems so natural and “right”, that a huge percentage of subscribers (sometimes as high as 30%) will buy it.

Most email marketers would be happy to get a 20% of their list to open the emails, Andre gets 30% to buy from him.

You can learn more about Autoresponder Madness here.

Autoresponder Madness – My First Results

I decided to put things to the test and send out a mini-sequence to my mini list. I hadn't really been doing much with my email subscribers, since I had no idea what I should be doing, so the list was basically saturated. I hadn't sent them an email in a while.

I put Andre's training to the test, and planned my mini sequence. I wasn't expecting to make any sales. This was just a test.

I hit the send button and off I went about my day. “Forget about it, you're not going to make any sales”.

Obviously I couldn't resist peeking, so I checked my stats. I got a 52% open-rate and 50% of those clicked some links I had put in.

This compares with something like 10% and 10% before I took the course.

The next two emails got 35% open-rates (still pretty high) and 30% click-rates (again pretty high) and I earned about a hundred bucks in sales. OK, so I was promoting to a small list, with a “test”, and wasn't supposed to be making any money.

What's important is that I made multiple sales on a stagnant list that had never even been remotely interested in my offers before.

Since then, I've built an email list here at HumanProofDesigns that gets over 60% open rate, around 40% click rate, and converts to thousands of dollars a month.

As I touched upon earlier, I have one list which has earned me $5,000 in 24 hours and half of that came in the first 45 minutes of sending an email.

Learn How To Do This

What Changed?

One thing that kept people opening the second and third emails, was some “loops” I put into the first and second ones. I asked questions, talked about relevant things they'd be interested in, but didn't get the answers until the next email. In other words, I kept them hanging on for more.

That's the answer to the question I asked you earlier. What keeps them opening your emails? It's the suspense.

This was a very powerful tool that Andre taught me. I knew it would work, because I'd seen it work on me before lol. The person who got me started on this online business adventure used the same strategies to hook me in. It worked, and I thanked him for it.

If you want to really understand the finer points of marketing and email lists, then you really have to get yourself a copy of Autoresponder Madness. Yes, at $300 it isn't cheap, but you won't regret it.

Given how much you will likely earn off the back of the training, $300 is a drop in the ocean. Really.

I'd love to hear about your own results using ARM. Get started today and let me know how you're getting along.

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4 thoughts on “Autoresponder Madness Review – Email Marketing On Steroids”

  1. Is this software really an effective and efficient means of legitimately earning big bucks on the internet? I am new to this program can anybody brief me on their experiences or help enlighten me as to whether complete newbies and beginners are also able to use this to generate regular income at home online, full time and still do it big?

    1. Hi Sammyboi,

      Autoresponder Madness is a training program for getting more profit from email campaigns. It works amazingly well, but it’s not a “software” or program that will do things for you. Also, in order to succeed, you’ll need to have a website and be able to get people to subscribe to your newsletter so you can use the ARM training to promote products to them efficiently. It DOES work if you’ve got a good website and traffic to that site. If you are a complete beginner and don’t know anything at all about making money online, I suggest you start here and learn from the beginning.

  2. ARM is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made regarding IM-related products. Before ARM, I was building a list but I had no idea what to actually do with it. They were just names and email addresses that I didn’t know how to approach. After ARM, I’ve got a much better understanding of my audience and how to email them. Best of all, it’s seriously helped me ramp up my income just through email marketing alone.

    1. I know what you mean Steve! ARM made me think “ THAT’S what I should be doing with my list” and you can get results almost immediately with it.

      I just love how it is not a complicated thing either, just do this, do that, research this, type that, and wow..huge results.

      Cheers for stopping by!

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