What’s The Best Email Marketing Software?

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Run for the hills! List building is dead! No wait, the money is in the list, SEO is dead! No wait, I'm dead and the list is coming to my funeral. Sound confused? Welcome to the world of business online. It's not confusing at all really, there's just a lot of misinformation and crying out loud. What's the best email marketing software? That's just a simple question. What is your need for email marketing?

First off, by email marketing software, I'm talking about sites like Aweber, Mailchimp, Madmimi, and the countless other Email autoresponder services online. These websites basically manage your email list for you. They help you get people to sign up to your lists, they store your lists, and they help you send a mass email to that list. Without them, your email server (gmail, hotmail etc) would only let you email 20 people at a time.

What's Your Need For Email?

If you're looking for some “software” which will generate emails to seemingly make money for you on autopilot, those things don't exist, and I'm not going to talk about them, which is good, because they don't exist.

On the other hand, if you're just looking to build yourself a subscriber-base, maybe to send out your newsletter, some special offers, or even a promotion then keep reading.

Equally, if you're interested in using email marketing to make a significant amount of money online through promoting products to a list of subscribers, I'm going to be covering that as well.

Email Marketing Software – The Options

Alright, you're probably wondering price. That's where I'd start. The good news is, you can get started with some of these software for free, or for very cheap, the real question is what sort of features you'll need.


Madmimi let's you start growing a subscriber base of up to 2500 for free, and once that list is full, you can upgrade for a pretty reasonable price of around $20 a month.

The only downside to Madmimi's free level is that it only let's you send “broadcast” (one-off emails) to your lists. If you want an autoresponder sequence (emails automatically sending to somebody at a pre-determined time after they sign up), you'll need to pay.

For those of you who literally just want to send out newsletters once in a while,


Aweber let's you get started for $1 for the first month ($19 after that), and has all the features that you don't get with Madmimi's free version. You can send out autoresponder emails to your list, which is great for affiliate marketing.

I started with Madmimi, but soon moved to Aweber when I was ready to get serious about affiliate marketing.

On this site, I have a 7 day email course when people sign up to learn how to make money online. They sign up to my list, then every day for the next 7 days receive an email from me with a new lesson. I couldn't do this without Aweber's “autoresponder” feature, so if you want this kind of feature, Aweber is the best bet, as getting started for $1 is exceptional.

Learn more about the Aweber autoresponder service here.

So Is The Money Still In The List?

It really depends on your site, but I'd say that it is very much so. The more the Internet grows, the shorter people's attention spans become, and the faster they forget your site, no matter how much they liked it upon first visit. Even if they add it to their bookmarks they'll probably never return.

Asking them (or ‘persuading' them) to subscribe to your mailing list is a great way of keeping in touch. Don't spam them though.

Whenever you add new content, have new updates, or want to promote something of interest to them, fire off an email to all your subscribers, and watch as they return to your site to take a look/make a purchase.

There are a lot of fine points about email marketing which I'll go into another time, but for now, check out either Madmimi or Aweber (my personal recommendation), and take it from there.

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