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There have been too many days where we sit at work, watching the clock tick. Crunching until it’s time to leave the office and rush home to ‘relax'.

I’m not sure if you know this, but there are a lot of people working full-time jobs and moonlighting as internet entrepreneurs and if you're reading this – then you might be in that category too. The work we put in at night goes straight into the day while we're at our day jobs, but also when we're walking our dogs, playing with our kids, and even while watching T.V.

If you've gotten to this point, then I'm assuming you’d like to stop trading your time for dollars and build an online asset that can work for you non-stop, that you will eventually sell for a handsome multiple too.

I’d love to tell you that building a business online is easy – but it's the same as building an offline business. In fact, as your business grows – you'll want to include offline tactics too.

Just because it isn't as easy as you've been told, it is and will be extremely rewarding. The first time you see that email notification in the corner of your screen with very small font saying “You have a payout!” from PayPal.

That's when everything changes.

Over the next few minutes, I’d like to pass on a few reasons and explain why it's important to stop procrastinating in your entrepreneurial journey and prepare you mentally for what’s ahead. But if you are very unfamiliar with Internet Marketing in general, here's an introduction for you.

What You'll Learn Today

  • How Google treats new websites
  • There is no perfect niche
  • The first steps to Internet Marketing
  • check How long it will take to make money online
  • check About why a long term vision is necessary

Google is a Playground and We all have to ‘play nice' inside the Sandbox.

Think of Google as a one giant playground, similar to the one you grew up being tortured-in (or torturing) in elementary. If you were caught bullying doing something shameful – you're sent to plant your face against the wall for a classic time out. Even with a few tennis balls thrown at them.

Google is the sandbox every person, business, and whatever else is online – plays in. BUT Google works in reverse by making sure every student that comes to play in their sandbox, has to mature first. What that means is that if you are a new website. It’s going to take you a few months to start ranking highly and being respected in their search engine.

Although no one outside of Google really knows the timeframe, Google will keep your new website out of that first-page ranking because they want to ensure the integrity of their own search engine and that their users are getting the most trustworthy information from the most reliable source. And new websites, in Google’s eyes, are like getting information on how to fix a broken pipe from a child who can’t even speak two words.

This is the type of fun stuff we talk about in our Facebook group


I'm not sure which niche is the best?

Gael Breton of AuthorityHacker.com said in a recent podcast, “there will never be a perfect niche.” Although I'm sure he's not the only person uttering that phrase, it’s quite true.

Niche idea selection

Everyone starting internet marketing generally falls into ‘analysis paralysis.’ and researches everything under the sun. Although research is very important, it's honestly just a sliver of where online success comes from.

Many people enter internet marketing because they want to add another stream of income, but how can you do this if you never take any action? 

Don't get hung up on SEO tactics and just focus on what could be done in the market. Or what's missing that people are looking for.

Stuart Walker of NicheHack.com said that niche selection from his perspective has nothing to do with SEO or ranking metrics, it's about serving a specific group of people whom you'd like to solve problems for in exchange for money.

If you're stuck on niche selection still, then let's help you out with that. We've got a lot of experience doing keyword research already and we have a full staff that's been doing this stuff for years.

Here's a link to our Keyword Packs. These are jam packed with low competition Niches that are geared to saving you time.

Concentrate on strategy and high-level stuff. As the saying goes… work ‘on your business' instead of ‘in your business.'

Don't worry too much about niching down or up or sideways or diagonally. Just work on solving a problem that people have today and go try to make the internet a better place.

If you make that your mantra, then you won't have to worry about the next “Gorilla” update from Google.

How Do I Start Taking Action?

First, sign up for our free video course on Amazon Niche Selection.

Second, look at Niches from our ready-made sites, then take the general subject and run it through Google Trends to see the historical and projected search data. From there you should have an idea on whether the niche will be evergreen, seasonal, trending, etc.

Humanproofdesigns.com has plenty of free information to start and the training we provide our members is nothing short of comprehensive. The goal of our business is to make Internet Marketing less daunting by not only building sites for people that aren't as technical but also to make the whole industry more approachable and successful for anyone willing to learn. The internet is a vast place, with plenty of money to spare for those willing to take it.

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Want To Learn How To Build Amazon Sites?

Take our seven-video training course, and get started with affiliate marketing.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online?

A week. Maybe even sooner.


Learning the skills to become an internet marketing Jedi requires a few different skills. All of which will come in handy for others. Not only can you use these skills to build passive income, but you can sell these skills in the fastest way possible – as a service to others!

Every action you take in building your niche website and every skill you develop can help someone else trying to lift up their online presence. In my eyes, there are a few foundational skills you should be fairly knowledgeable to be successful online… Writing, SEO, WordPress, and possibly HTML/CSS – which I would argue that you don't even have to know anymore but it's good to have an understanding of.

That's it! Just 3 or 4 skills at the beginning. You'll learn more along the way but just focus on those to start.

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If you don't have the necessary skills to do everything, you can always outsource.


I would suggest continuing to do what people are already paying you for and hiring others to do the mundane or technical tasks.​

You can always take a part time job that you have some expertise or experience in. Hopefully, it's a high enough rate for you to keep some money in your pocket, if not – then work more. You don't have to be an expert to outsource but you should have a clear idea of what you want and give great instructions. Plus it's nice to pass on work to someone else whom you know is thrilled about stuff that you aren't.

If you do intent on building everything yourself, then it might serve us to chat about the two different learning types. Some people learn everything at once and others learn what you need to at the current moment and then move on. The former is call ‘Just-in-time learning' and the latter is ‘Just-in-case learning'.

Which one do you think would help you get your niche site off the ground quicker?

Just-in-time learning ABSOLUTELY!

The fun thing about building an online business is that you don't know exactly where you'll end up. There's a clear path to monetization but you're going to have to fumble around at first before you pick up steam. But when things go full throttle, prepare for it!

Passive income is possible online, but working aggressively at a consistent rate will keep you ahead of everyone else and make the competition irrelevant.

Don't be short sighted and play the Long Game.

One common mistake of people entering online business is that they forget the people giving them money are actually humans. Yes, your checks will be from Amazon, Google, or whichever network you join but remember that it's still people giving you that money. Someone had to buy something from Amazon and someone had to click that ad to make up every cent on that check.

The internet is no different than working in an office when it comes to reputation management. In fact, it might even be more important because in an office environment people will start off by trusting you first. On the internet, people start off by not trusting you.

Don't do anything to screw people over, because it will haunt you if you intend to stick around. You will not have the opportunity to form strong affiliate friendships and profitable joint ventures will not come your way.

If the terms ‘joint venture' and ‘affiliates' are confusing to you – don't worry. It just means that opportunities come to those who build strong networks and strive to share with others what they know and who they know.

The earlier you start, the faster you can quit relying on others for money. Build daily habits, develop monetary goals, and create a calendar for when you’d like to go full time online (if that's what you'd like.)

It takes 66 days to build a definite habit. It’s best you start today.

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  1. Business is always tough – and the 2.0 environment is at least as harsh as the “real” one.

    I agree with you on the value of focus and effort!

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