Best Of HumanProofDesigns 2014

We still have a month to go before 2014 is over, but I think it's time to do the best of it. There are only going to be a few more posts this year anyway, as the Internet tends to quieten down in 3-4 weeks' time.

Today's post is going to include the best of all the content published between January 1st and today, November 20th 2014. This is a mixture of reviews, case studies, experiments, and guides.

This kind of post is something that you can do on your own blog as well, whatever niche it is. It's great for re-using old content, and also for seeing where you need more content.

It's been a hell of a year here at HPD HQ (How's that for an abbreviation?) and I'm really looking forward to looking back at some of the older content. For those of you who are recent visitors to HumanProofDesigns, this is also an easy way for you to go back and see what you've missed.



Five WordPress Tips For Beginners

How I Completely Fluked A $1,000 Sale (Part 1)

Growing Your New Website

2013 Earnings Report – Year In Review (Recommended)


How To Improve Website Ranking

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google?

How To Start Email Marketing (Recommended)


Selling On eBay For Beginners

Wix Website Builder Review

Are Backlinks Still Important In 2014?

Junk Websites And Scams – A Flippa Review


5 Simple Tips For Improving Your Website's Look

How And Why To Make Your Audience Love You

5 Places To Outsource Content Writing (Recommended)

Income Report Quarter 1 2014


Seven Tips To Improve Website Sales And Conversions

7 Free WordPress Plugins I Always Install

If You Can't Beat Them – Woo Them. Dealing With Your Niche Competition

Why Cheap Article Writers Will Damage Your Business (Recommended)


Internet Marketing Mentorship Part 1 (Recommended)

Internal Links For SEO And User Friendliness

Long Tail Pro Review (Recommended)


What 7 Experts Say About Link Building Strategies (Recommended)

Q2 Income Report


17 Websites I Recommend

4 Tests I've Done With Email List Building

One Year Down – Let's Celebrate (Recommended)


HPD 2.0 Is Here! (Recommended)

BlueHost Review

Experiments With Comparison Tables

Ultimate Guide To On Page SEO (Recommended)


How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Conversions

Q3 Income Report

Improving Adsense Clicks

Increasing Opt-Ins Part Two

Dual Niche Site Case Study (Recommended)


Using Expert Roundup Posts (Recommended)

Internet Marketing Case Study Roundup

That's all so far, I hope you've found some incredible value in all of those links and you continue to do so in the future.

What's Coming Up?

For the rest of November and December 2014 you'll see a few more experiment results posted (one using The Hoth, one using recycling of older content) and the continuation of the dual site case study

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What Else?

If you want to suggest any experiments, PPC, Google Plus, or anything along those lines, I'm all ears! Drop a comment below and I'll look into getting the experiment moving.

2 thoughts on “Best Of HumanProofDesigns 2014”

  1. You have been busy this year Bryon, so many great posts. I have read quite a few of them already but missed a few also. Its great to see them lined up like this for review and bookmarking.

    1. This is only the bulk of them as well, there’s a lot more content on the site that I didn’t include.

      I’m posting less frequently now, but (I believe) higher quality, which I think is more important.

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